Feather Double Edge Razor Blades (10 blade pack)

Timeless double edged razor blades from Japan

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Classic double edged razor blades produced by Feather of Japan. These blades will fit any traditional razor. Many of our customers say that double edge blades last longer and are more economical in use than multi-blades. If you need some help figuring out which of the ones we stock is right for you, read our User Tips.

10 blades in each pack

Check out the Feather Safety Razor while you are at it!

Special hardened steel.

1 review for Feather Double Edge Razor Blades (10 blade pack)

  1. Kasper

    Best blades on the market. Even sharper than Mercur

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Feather blades are considered to be the sharpest blades on the market and are the favourite choice of almost every seasoned safety razor user. These blades cut through stubble like butter, giving you an exceptionally close shave.

If you’re an experienced shaver, you’ll love them from the start. Pick them without thinking twice about it. Also, if you’re a man with coarse hair, then these Japanese made, platinum coated Feather blades are best for you.

If you have just started shaving with a traditional safety razor, use with a little care and be gentle with your strokes, until you feel confident about the angle of the razor and strength to apply. It may be you have a nick or two in the beginning, but these blades will teach you how to achieve the closest and smoothest shave possible, right from the start.

Still unsure about which blade to choose? Then try our Duo Pack of 5 Feather + 5 Merkur Razor Blades. Slightly cheaper than the singles, this pack gives you the option to experiment with different degrees of sharpness, and decide which suits you best.

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