The Fitjar Islands Fragrance Landscape

The Fitjar islands come in all sizes and with a different character. Some are richly vegetated, full of secret coves and gnarled coastal forests. Others are craggy, rough and exposed to the salty wind from the sea. Any change in the weather, a change in the seasons brings new inspiration: The salty sea blended with evergreens – tempered in spring by wild flowers, heather in autumn, or by the icy, almost metallic smell of a hailstorm approaching in winter. There is simply no better place to gather inspiration for fragrances that embody the simplicity, ruggedness and laid-back sophistication of Scandinavian life. This is what we love; capturing the nuances of our ever-changing landscape, translating moods into scents, forging pictures for the mind, through the olfactory sense. Infusing our products with the essence of our islands, making you feel at home here too. Fitjar Islands: Scandinavian fragrance design.

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