Wet Shaving Essentials

 Shaving using a puck of soap and a brush is not complicated. It will not take you hours in the bathroom every morning (although you can start using it as an excuse to escape the morning family chaos), you will not need to learn how to meditate or get heavily inked, and you won´t need to break the bank to buy expensive tools. A good quality soap or cream and some wet shaving essentials is all you need to get started with traditional shaving and expereince how much better than canned foam it is.

Choosing one of our Shaving Creams and a Vegan Shaving Brush is probably the best selection if you are new to traditional shaving. Becasue of their soft consistency, the creams are faster to lather up than the hard soaps, and you will find them as easy to use as regular canned foam. Just pick your favorite fragrance and you are ready to go! You can continue using the type of razors you already use. With time you will also discover that using a traditional safety razor does not require extraordinary skills, they are as safe and quick to use as a regular cartridge razor, just way better, and of course, much cooler. If you need additional help for deciding, read this post that explains how easy it is to start shaving the traditional way, or send us a mail with your quesions to hello@fitjarislands.no