Svalbard is the most up-north inhabited place on earth. Located far beyond the arctic circle, its magnificent landscapes and fauna bewilder the soul and make you want to stay there forever, despite the harshness of the climate and the winter darkness. A land of passionate adventurers and nature lovers. Out there, at the entrance of the spectacular Isfjord fiord, between glacier and the sea, and only accessible by boat, snowmobiles or with sled dogs, you will find Isfjord Radio. The old communication tower for Svalbard, now transformed into a small luxury lodge in the middle of the arctic wilderness.

We were asked to capture the essence of the landscape that surrounds this unique place and transform it into a signature line of body care products for their guests. Isfjord is our interpretation of life in the artic over a long period of time from May to November, just before the hardest winter months take over the island. An earthy and grounded fragrance that lingers in the area all the time: wet rocks, moss tundra and salt-streaked driftwood. We hope you enjoy it.

Isfjord products are available on backorder. You can place your orders now and will be delivered to you as soon as the first production is finished in the course of this month.