The Scent of the Norwegian Arctic

At 74 degrees North, Svalbard is one of the northernmost permanent settlements on Earth. Located far beyond the arctic circle, its magnificent landscapes and fauna are like nothing you have ever seen or experienced before. 60% of the territory is covered by glaciers, 30% is barren rock, and there is no sun for 128 days a year. The harsh climate conditions make it impossible for anything to grow. Only the most relentless species of grasses and mosses establish in the arctic tundra. Out there, at the entrance of the spectacular Isfjord fiord, you find Isfjord Radio Hotel. An old radio communication tower from 1933 that has been transformed into a luxury lodge only accessible by sea, snow scooter or dog pulled sleds.

We were asked to capture the essence of the landscape that surrounds this unique place and transform it into a signature line of body care products for their guests. Isfjord is our interpretation of life in the arctic over a long period of time from May to November, just before the hardest winter months take over the island. An earthy and grounded fragrance that lingers in the area all the time: wet rocks, moss tundra, and salt-streaked driftwood.

For now, Isfjord is only produced in our body care line. It will soon be available throughout our complete shaving and beard care range.