Our neutrally scented range. The delicate natural scent of its raw ingredients and a faint whiff of gentle herbal notes. Like the feeling of being on a remote minuscule island, nothing to distract you. Fitjar Islands come in all kinds of sizes and with different landscape. With so many islands, we have unique words to denote their size and importance. There is a word for the bigger kind of island (øy), and then we have words for the smaller or insignificant types of islands (holme, skjær, flu, and others). There are hundreds and hundreds of these minuscule islands, with nothing but lichen, heather and sea thrift growing on the rocks, and all with names, some funny, some cute, and almost all of them impossible to pronounce to any non-Norwegians. We thought it fitting to give the name of “islands too small to be islands” to the fragrance that is barely there: our unscented range.