The Fitjar Islands Foundry

Nestled among a cluster of several hundred windswept islands, amid the startlingly clear waters of the fjords of western Norway, lies the Fitjar Islands Foundry; an artisan soapmaker and scent design company that bustles with the kind of activity one would never expect to find in such a remote location.

The islands, carved by the passage of time and the harsh Nordic climate, are mostly uninhabited and isolated. Their vegetation is untamed, scarce and wildly poetic. It is impossible not to be seized by the wilderness of nature around here. The biting cold wind infuses the ever-changing landscape with a different scent dimension every moment. On a still winter morning, the breeze brings with it the coolness of the nearby glacier, flecked with undertones of the fresh spruce and juniper bushes that roam the islands. In the spring, the lilac-blooming heather adds its own sweet gentle notes.

There is simply no better place to gather inspiration for products and fragrances that embody the simplicity, ruggedness and pure essence of Scandinavian life, than the Fitjar Islands.


Produced on the Isles of Fitjar, just the way it should be

Founded on traditional soap manufacturing techniques and with exceptional attention to superior craftsmanship and quality, Fitjar Islands´s production embraces the importance of process in small-batch manufacturing. Wholeheartedly celebrating the beauty and humour of the little imperfections of an artisan method.

It all takes place in our Foundry at Fitjar, where each batch is carefully crafted and strictly controlled. Every Fitjar Islands product can be traced back to a real place and a real person, so customers know where they come from and how they are made.


Contemporary and all-natural, focused on the essentials

Fitjar Island uses only high quality, mild ingredients. Always maintaining the highest levels of safety and product performance. Our products do not contain SLS/SLES, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colourants or synthetic perfumes and are ideal for sensitive skin. Most of the range is vegan and absolutely nothing is tested on animals.


An aromatic snapshot of life in the islands

Made exclusively from botanical ingredients, the Fitjar Islands fragrance landscape echo the wilderness of Norwegian nature. 

From the gentle aroma of our neutrally scented line to the deep notes of a woody blend, our fragrances vary in intensity and depth. Suitable for both men and women, each one of them is implemented throughout the entire product range to re-create a unique Nordic experience.  A distinct range of contemporary fragrances, so you can take the essence of our islands with you, wherever you go.



Buy our products online, directly from our foundry in Fitjar and in selected stockists in Scandinavia, Europe, USA and Canada. You can also experience them in unique hotels and restaurants around the world. Get to know about them here.