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There are two types of overnight places: those where you stay at and those that you inhabit. The kind places you just don’t want to leave (ever). So meticulously planned and crafted to perfection, you simply feel at home when you are there.

You know a space has been built up with this kind of passion, when the same attention has been given to choosing the best local produce for the restaurant and the finest quality linens for the beds, as to selecting the most exceptional toiletries for the rooms.


An Authentic Nordic Experience

Smell is the sense most linked to memory and experience and it is an essential part of any journey. It can completely change how the guests feel about their stay. And while most hotels focus on the visual aesthetics, those who explore scent as part of an overall experience can create a truly unique, engaging environment.

Each of our fragrances has a distinct character that can help you define a unique scent-identity that represents your essence, your history, and your surroundings.

Made exclusively from botanical ingredients, the Fitjar Islands fragrances are crisp natural and uplifting. They make an impact on how your guests will emotionally engage with your space, giving them a bright start every morning. A feeling they will remember long after they have come home.


Product Range: A Refined Selection of Body Care & Grooming Essentials

Our carefully curated range of premium formulations is suitable for both men and women. They help to create an effortless atmosphere of custom-made luxury in the suites as well as the standard rooms. Depending on the needs for each type of accommodation, it is possible to choose from a standard basic line or a customized selection.

The Body Care and Spa Essentials have been formulated to suit all types of skin and hair, paying close attention to the use of allergens. The Skin Care and Grooming Collection, established internationally as one of the best due to its superior performance, gives a touch of luxury to the basic range.

Entirely produced in Norway, Fitjar Islands exclusive hotel toiletries provide a locally-made experience that enhances the overall value of their stay. Take a look at our basic range here.


Traceability: Contemporary Artisan manufacturing

We have chosen to work only with certified suppliers who can provide us with detailed product information because it ensures honesty and quality at every stage. Strict traceability means we can determine the provenance of every single ingredient and packaging component and that we can always tell you who made your product and when. All products are tested and registered following the strict guidelines EU cosmetics directive.


Sustainability: A holistic Nordic mindset

A holistic approach to sustainability sets our fundamental manufacturing markers. From production methods to influencing consumers´ lifestyles, we try in every possible way to reduce our impact on our extraordinary surroundings.

Our modern, small-batch manufacturing process ensures minimal wastage and efficient use of energy. Refill solutions minimise single-use products and reduce waste per room. All ingredients and packaging can be traced back to secure sources. Local production minimizes the environmental footprint caused by transportation.

A strict internal policy about recycling and re-using has led us to develop different solutions when it comes to managing our own waste. We have established cooperations with local farmers and fishermen who make use of the canisters and barrels where our ingredients are delivered to us. Our very own sort of nose-to-tail approach to manufacturing.


Productivity:  Efficient. Flexible. Adaptable

Keeping control of the logistics and making all processes as efficient as possible is important to maintain a productive operation. Being a small-batch manufacturer ensures we can adapt to the needs of your supply chain and help you find the best solution so you never run out of stock, never overstock, save space, time and money.


Zero-waste Hospitality

We are continuously working on reducing our impact through optimising of our distribution chain and packaging materials. We are developing a new supply system that focuses on a circular manufacturing operation. Take contact if you are interested in becoming part of our pilot test partners.


Live simply, love strongly,
and let no island go uncharted