Coordinated Scent Aftershave Moisturisers

Coordinated scent Aftershaves Moisturisers are the perfect finish to an excellent shave. They soothe the skin after shaving, prevent irritation, and give a discreet continuation of your favorite fragrance. Using an aftershave gives you that extra feeling of well-being that makes you feel clean and well-groomed. Our Aftershave Moisturisers are ideal for those who look for a quickly absorbed, non-greasy, and deeply hydrating finish. Perfect for dry skin and for the harsh winter months. We recommend them as an everyday moisturising lotion whether you shave with a razor or electric machine. They contain no parabens, no alcohol, no silicones, no mineral oils, no artificial colors, or harsh ingredients. We are in the process of removing honey from its ingredients, thus making them vegan-friendly soon. Absolutely nothing is tested on animals.