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Our Vegan Shaving Brush is made of high-quality synthetic bristles with medium hardness. The slightly textured bristles give the brush a more natural and elegant look compared to other synthetic brushes in the market while retaining the excellent lathering capabilities of synthetic bristle brushes.

This is an affordable brush with superior performance whether you are new to traditional shaving or an experienced user. The black handle has our Fitjar Islands logo, and it has been specially made for us by Progress Vulfix in Isle of Man. It comes with a travel case that protects it when you are on the go.

The Vegan Shaving Brush is the natural choice for those with a vegan lifestyle, but it is also the best option if you are allergic to animal hair. Synthetic bristles are softer than any natural hair, this ensures minimal abrasion and fewer chances of skin irritation and inflammation, so they are excellent if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Synthetic brushes are cheaper than natural hair brushes but this does not mean that they have lower quality. If you want to know more about which type of bristle is best for you, find more information here.

Knot Size: 20mm / Knot Height: 50mm /  Total Height: 85mm

Medium firmness synthetic bristle. Handmade in Isle of Man.

1 review for Vegan Shaving Brush | Black

  1. Ahmed

    A lovely small shaving brush that lathers soap quickly and easily. The backbone has enough stiffness to really pick out the soap suds before whipping up a quick and peaky lather. Synthetic bristles are definitely a big win and no badgers were harmed in its production. Perfect for everyday use and the travel tube is excellent to store in a wash bag.

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