Mild Traditional Safety Razor EX | Silver L80mm

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This excellent traditional razor gives you everything you need to enjoy traditional wet shaving the way it is supposed to be: a close but comfortable shave, in style!

The head is the same one as used on the German made R89 Muhle which is one of the top selling safety razors in the world. An added benefit is the made-in-Scotland lathe turned, all stainless steel, non-slip, deeply knurled handle. The heavy steel handle is perfectly balanced and with a textured surface that ensures a good grip. Get ready to bring wet shaving to a complete new level.

Read this article for completely unscientific proof that shaving with a traditional razor can be good for your mental health.

Stainless steel.


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Make sure to care for your safety razor properly and keep it nice and clean. After use, simply wash it thoroughly to remove any lather and hair residues. Dry with a clean towel or let all the parts air dry separately until your next shave.

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