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Sollingen Traditional Safety Razor | Silver L10mm

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A premium traditional safety razor produced by G&F in Sollingen, Germany. G&F has a long manufacturing tradition and is ranked among the finest producers worldwide. Their professional craftsmen are being carefully trained to pass on the knowledge and passion generation after generation. The complete razor is manufactured in-house.

This is a three-piece quality entry razor that will last a lifetime. The almost flat head curvature allows for a very close shave, while the closed comb makes for a gentle non-aggressive shave. This is a smooth but very efficient combination. The long, diamond-textured handle gives you a secure grip. It has an ideal mid-weight that helps you maintain a steady pulse when shaving, while it is still light to handle. It feels solid, balanced, and extremely comfortable in the hand.

This is our favorite razor from our selection of traditional safety razors. It is a high-quality piece with a more elegant and contemporary look than many of the available options in the market.

If you are a woman and are thinking of changing to from the ugly multiblade razors to a beautiful safety razor this one is an excellent choice. The long 10cm handle makes the shaving process elegant and smooth and it helps to have control over the long strokes that are needed to shave long areas like the legs. For the same reason, this razor will be ideal for dedicated cyclists. Here are some tips on how to use a safety razor to shave your legs.

For more information about how to choose the razor that suits you best, read this article.

Handle length 10cm / Total lenght 11cm / Weight 90gr / Closed comb

Solid stainless steel handle + zinc diecasting/chromium-plated head.


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Make sure to care for your safety razor properly and keep it nice and clean. After use, simply wash it thoroughly to remove any lather and hair residues. Dry with a clean towel or let all the parts air dry separately until your next shave.