Fitjar Islands Wooden Bowl
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Fitjar Islands Wooden Bowl

Rustic understated luxury

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Product Description

Our wooden bowl is made to fit the exact measurements of our shaving soap, with a lid to protect the soap from dust between shaves. Perfect for storing and lathering your shaving soap, it matches the quality of our shaving soaps. The rough simplicity of this container will add a touch of soft-spoken luxury to your bathroom shelf.

Investing in our Fitjar Islands Wood Bowl and using it again and again is an environmentally smart choice, and will save you money in the long run. Just hand wash it with lukewarm water when empty, and it is ready for a new shaving soap. The lid is designed to protect the soap between shaves, but we do recommend leaving the lid off for a while after the shave to let the soap dry out, before closing it.

Inner measurements: 7,4cm diameter / 3cm deep.

Durable, natural untreated rosewood. A hard wood that will not be damaged by moist bathrooms.


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The bowl looks so cool that it may end up being snatched by other family members and used as container for other stuff. So be prepared to fight for it!