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Designed and handmade by Norwegian ceramics artist Sarah Reed to our specifications, this lathering bowl is a collectors piece to create an outstanding lather for truly luxurious wet shaving.

Made in the exact shape and size to rest comfortably in your hand, the textured outside of the bowl ensures a sturdy grip even when wet. The silky inside is smooth for easy cleaning but gives enough friction when lathering.

Our lathering bowl is a unique Scandinavian design statement, don’t stow it away in a dark cupboard. Rinse it, and place it where your eyes will rest on it, reminding you that your next shave will be as enjoyable as the last.

Should you want to know more about Sarah and her work, take a look at the interview we made at her studio in Bergen.

Every lathering bowl is slightly different. The approximate measurements of this piece are: diameter 10cm diameter / height 5cm.

Handcrafted in porcelain.

3 reviews for Fitjar Islands Lathering Bowl x Sarah Reed | Ivory

  1. Finn Nielsen

    Sarah Reed has created a very beautiful bowl, the size is perfect, and fits perfetct in in ones palm, not big and clumsy like most bowls on the market. The outer texture both secure a perfect grip, even with wet or soapy fingers, and feels soft at the same time.
    The interior is smoth in a soft roughly way, that makes it’s a childs play to foam up a nice lather. The design is completely “zen” and easyly be used in the japanese tea ceremony.

  2. PETER

    I have never got around to using a lathering bow, many of them look ugly! This one seemed a little expensive but in the Fitjar style so decided to order it anyway and it is great. feels really nice in the hand, lathers up very well and it also looks very good.

  3. Richard V

    I would say this is the Goldilocks shaving bowl for lathering prior to shaving, unfortunately I broke mine whilst coming back from a vacation so am gutted. The bowl itself is a fine porcelain with a textured embossed outer with a mat finish inner ideal for getting a good foam with your favourite Fitjar shaving soap. Looks like I will have to order a new one and be more careful when packing.

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Our lathering bowls are fine Scandinavian design items. Don’t hide them in a drawer between uses, let them stand on display for everyone to admire. They have many uses. You can for instance use them to hold jewelry while washing your hands or to prepare your own hand natural salt scrubs in them.

To have a pleasantly warm lather on your skin, simply pre-soak the Lathering Bowl in hot water for a minute or two. You can do this while prepping your face. Drain the bowl before starting to work up your lather.

On busy days, lather up the soap directly on your skin. This will exfoliate the skin and give you a unique sense of well-being.

Learn more about how to choose the right lathering bowl here.

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