Fitjar Islands Lathering Bowl

Handcrafted luxury

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Product Description

Designed and handmade by Norwegian ceramics artist Sarah Reed to our specifications, this lathering bowl is a collectors piece to create outstanding lather for truly luxurious wet shaving.

Made in the exact shape and size to rest comfortably in your hand, the textured outside of the bowl ensures a sturdy grip even when wet. The silky inside is smooth for easy cleaning but gives enough friction when lathering.

Our lathering bowl is a unique Scandinavian design statement, don’t stow it away in a dark cupboard. Rinse it, and place it where your eyes will rest on it, reminding you that your next shave will be as enjoyable as the last.

Should you want to know more about Sarah and her work, take a look at the interview we made at her studio in Bergen.

Handcrafted in porcelain


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It will last for a lifetime unless dropped on a hard tile floor. Porcelain is durable and strong, but not unbreakable.