Badger Shaving Brush x Olav Eldøy | Natural Oak

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A contemporary shaving brush, hand-crafted from solid Oak and 100% black badger bristles. A superior quality brush that effectively creates a rich, dense and luxurious lather.

Black badger bristles are known for being stiffer and hold more water than other badger grades. This gives them an exceptional lathering ability. And because they are slightly stiffer, they also provide a pleasant exfoliating effect that is beneficial for the skin. The long bristles in this brush add on to the remarkable lathering power of the brush. If you want to learn more about how to choose the shaving brush that is best for you, take a look here. And if you want to learn more about the different badger hair grades go here.

To keep your brush in optimal condition, rinse it properly between uses, shake off water excess, and let it air dry lying on its side. The Shaving Soap Bowls allow the brush to rest and dry without the need for any additional devices.

Our badger hair shaving brush is designed by Norwegian furniture designer Olav Eldøy. A contemporary shaving brush with a simple, yet rare shape. One of the few available contemporary-looking shaving tools in the market which has been quickly copied by other manufacturers. Made in Europe.

Knot Size 20mm / Knot Height 50mm /  Total Height 85mm / Natural Oak Handle

Natural oak + Badger bristles.


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