Wall Mount Type II

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An elegant and minimal-looking soap wall bracket / wall mount to secure your body care products to the wall. Designed by Martin Nichols at Snøhetta, it is specifically drawn to fit our 500ml and 250ml bottles. The bottomless design ensures proper cleaning of all surfaces at all times. The flexible rubber ring protects the bottles and assures that they hang tightly in place without rattling. The two-piece design makes sure that the bottle is permanently locked between the two parts and that it can only be removed by separating them with a special hex key.

To set the bottle in place, first fix the back part of the wall bracket to the wall. Then unscrew the pump and slide the rubber ring through the neck of the bottle. The rubber ring is made of an elastic material, don´t be afraid to stretch it slightly to make it fit. Once the rubber ring is in place, insert the mouth of the bottle into the front part of the wall bracket. Then fit the front part onto the back part. You know that the two parts are perfectly assembled when you hear them click in place. Make sure that the top and bottom wings of the ring are on the top and bottom of the wall bracket all around. Place the pump back in and tighten the pump´s neck while holding the pump toward the front so that the dispenser and the front of the label face the same direction. Then screw the two parts together. If the bottle rattles, you need to tighten the screw that joints the two parts a bit more until it doesn’t. If the pump doesn´t seem to dispense the product, you need to tighten it a bit more.

The wall brackets are manufactured in Norway. Made in anodized aluminum. Think of the elegant satin finish of a MacBook. The standard stock color is matt black. Gold, bronze, and silver are available upon request for custom productions.

The soap Wall Bracket / Wall Mount Type II is perfect for public spaces where preventing theft is important. If this is not a requirement for you, take a look at our Wall Bracket Type I.

Height 13cm  /  Width 4cm  /  Depth 7cm


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