Isfjord Hand & Body Lotion 1L Refill

A scout across the nordic arctic, among mossy rocks and salty ocean winds

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Hand & Body Lotion with the scent of arctic summer.

An earthy and grounded fragrance that captures the essence of Svalbard over a long period of time from May to November, just before the hardest winter months take over the islands. Isfjord packs wet seaweed and purple blossoming moss, tosses them in the salty air, and watches the wind spread them across the wet rocky seashore.

Make Isfjord your signature scent at home with our 1-liter refill pouch. Each pouch is enough to refill your Isfjord Hand & Body Lotion bottles twice or four times. This economical refill pouch gives you a much better deal than buying a new bottle every time, and it helps you produce less waste.

Isfjord was developed in cooperation with the extraordinary Isfjord Radio Hotel in Kapp Lineé in Svalbard. It is the first development in our arctic scents collection.

Isfjord is an exclusive fragrance that is not regularly produced so it may not always be available for immediate delivery. However, it is always possible to purchase the Isfjord range on backorder. This means that your order is set aside and will be delivered as soon as there is a new Isfjord batch produced.

The next production of this unique scent has been scheduled for the week of the 15th of November 2021. Deliveries begin on Monday the 22nd of November.

1000ml / 33.81 fl.oz.  – Vegan.



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