Havn Shaving Cream 150 ml

The stillness of reaching safe harbour after a rough day at sea

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More woody than sweet, this gentle herbal blend of smooth cedar and blooming heather is mild and unobtrusive. Havn evokes the fleeting scent of aged driftwood, washed ashore on a peaceful morning.

Our shaving cream is mild, easy to use and allows you to enjoy the most luxurious shave without sacrificing speed. It gives superior cushioning and a naturally scented lather that protects and moisturizes the skin in no time at all. Since we know you will never want to shave with anything else again, a good idea is to add a 20ml Havn Travel Size to your order so you can sail through airport security without any hiccups.

For useful tips on how to use our shaving creams, see our Shaving Cream Guide

150 ml / 5.07 fl. oz. – Vegan Product


Our products are free of parabens and artificial colorants. Should you want to know more about the ingredients we use, please take contact with us.

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Potassium Stearate, Potassium Palmitate, Glycerin, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Potassium Cocoate, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Potassium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Cedrus Atlantica Wood Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Sodium Olivate, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol.


5 reviews for Havn Shaving Cream 150 ml

  1. bruce.c.macdonald

    Hi there. I just wanted to say a few words about the Fitjar products in general as I think they are worth exporting all the way to Australia! I have tried different shaving soaps and creams from all over the world. These are the best I have tried by a long way, which is why I freight them all the way down here! Technically the most comfortable I have used (a step above the others, especially the Englisgh brands) and good lubricant, especially for the straight razor but also with an interesting scent (not too strong). Courier gets to me within 4 or 5 days so no problem with delay. Also check out their black soap “stubble softener”.
    Bruce, Sydney


    I don’t normally leave reviews, but the Fitjar Island products are just so good that I felt I must let others know!
    Normally I use Castle Forbes, Geo F. Trumpter and TOBS and decided to give this a try.
    WOW, glad I did……lathers up so easy in a bowl, goes on smoothly, fresh smelling and a super smooth shave!
    I live in the Canary Islands where we have summer all year around and ALL of the Fitjar Islands products work perfectly here for me……a fresh and natural feel/ smell and a comfy, relaxing shave!
    Matched up with the Moisturiser or Cooling Gel is amazing!
    So good, that I now own all of the different shaving range to mix my days around.
    Thank you for such a great set of products for us wet shavers,
    “Goodbye” to most of my other shaving products!

  3. Martin

    After testing all sample creams I fell in love with the Havn scent. A perfect warm light scent that fits all year round.
    The lather is excellent with great cushion and slickness.
    You can’t ask for more. The skin feels highly protected during the shave and well moisturized after.
    The cream come within a 150ml jar and a few swirls with the brush is enough for at least 3 passes.
    The shaving creams are top notch. Check out the stubble softner as well. A good preparation for the shave.
    Fitjar Islands has an excellent service. Always replying fast and strongly engaged in solving problems.
    Thank you for producing such good products.

    Martin, Germany

  4. Peter

    This is my favourite of all the shaving creams I have used, including others from Geo Trumper, Castle Forbes and Trufit and Hill. I don’t use a preshave and mainly double edge blades unless in a real hurry or being very lazy. It foams up very quickly, glides extremely well, close smooth shave, comfortable and also rinses easily out of the blades after shaving The smell is really fresh on opening the tub, which is actually very nice, the tub that is, having a flat bottom and not the conventional bowl shape, which is a waste of space, so it fits into my travel case.The aftershave is also excellent. A perfect combination.

  5. phil-rudd

    I love Fitjar products, especially shaving cream ! This fragrance is my favorite just after Fjellheim, but they are very differents.

    A real quality product like many here 🙂 !

    Jean-Patrick, France

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Excessive sniffing of the jar may cause funny looks from those you live with, so try to keep it discreet, ok?

Tempting as it may be to massage the luscious lather all over your face, keep it away from the eye area. Eating it will not make you more calm and collected, so let’s reserve it for external use only.

Our shaving cream is an easy and quick to lather wet shaving product. If you have never tried other products than canned foam because you think everything else is time-consuming, you should really give our Shaving Cream a try. You will be surprised. It takes no longer than 30 seconds to start building a thick and fragrant lather that will protect and hydrate your skin. You may consider shaving cream if you are just starting out with wet shaving, to really get the hang of wet shaving from the very beginning.

Warm up

First, warm your face with hot water to soften the hair and open the pores. Better still, wash your face with our Stubble Softener and rinse with warm water. The Stubble Softener will help to weaken the hairs, helping the razor cut easier through them. This is especially useful if your beard is thick and if you tend to get ingrown hairs.

Lather up

Warm a small bowl in hot water. Warm the brush also in hot water and shake off excess. Place a small amount of our Shaving Cream in the bowl. Then work the brush around on the shaving cream, give it a stab now and again to give a bit of air in the lather. But remember, it is not the amount of air in the shaving lather that matters most, it is the creamy density of our moisturising Shaving Cream that will provide the cushioning. Then spread the warm lather and begin to shave.

The perfect lather should look thick and dense, without small bubbles. Like meringue batter, one could say. If it looks too runny or with too many small bubbles, you may have taken too much water. If it is too little, you may have taken too little cream. It may take you a couple of times to get the right amount of both for you, but it is not rocket science. You will know what to do in no time!

You can also quickly build a rich lather by using your hand as a bowl or by dabbing a suitable amount of cream on the areas to be shaved and massaging it directly onto your face in circular motions with a shaving brush.  When you have covered the area you are going to shave, you are ready to use your preferred shaving tool.

The no-brush-method

You can easily use your fingertips to work up an adequate layer of lather directly on your face, however using a brush produces the optimal lather and helps to lift the stubble, giving you a closer shave and a first-class experience.

The finishing touch

After shaving, rinse off with hot water to remove residue, then cold water to close the pores. Finish with the aftershave product of your choice.

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