Styptic Pencil

Shaving (and life) gives cuts. Treat them right.

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Product Description

A minor cut once in a while is inevitable, whether you are a beginner or an experienced wet shaver. A Blood Stopper is a useful tool that should be kept handy at all times, to save you from having to use those embarrassing little bits of toilet paper stuck to your face.

Simply dab the cut with cold water on a wash cloth or wet piece pf paper (cold water also encourages coagulation) then dab the Blood Stopper on the cut. Please note that it is only effective on minor cuts and scrapes.

Vegan Product.

This styptic pencil is made of alum, a natural substance. The strongly astringent properties of alum makes the blood vessels contract and effectively stops bleeding.


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The blood stopper will not mend a bleeding heart. For heart ache and broken hearts, seek other remedies. A good shave and a dab or two of your favourite aftershave might help lift your spirits.