Traditional Safety Razors

Why Make the Change & How to Choose Yours


As with everything else, choosing which razor to use is a matter of preference. Men tend to favor using commercial multi-blade razors because they are easily available in all supermarkets; and well, because that’s what they have always used.

In general, men are skeptical about using a traditional razor because they think it will be dangerous and difficult to use it. But this is nothing more than a myth. A mild safety razor will be are as safe, easy and quick to use a regular multi-blade. Read this article explaining how easy is to use a traditional safety razor. Those who take the leap to safety razors discover quite quickly that they do a much better job without a problem.

Multi-blade manufacturers say that the more blades you have in your razor the better the shave, something that is completely untrue. In fact, the more blades you have in your razor, the smaller the distance between them gets and the easier they get clogged, making it harder for the blade to cut. A multi-blade razor often ends up dragging the hair instead of slicing sharply through it, and since you will need to pass the razor several times to have a clean shave, it will cause irritation. Also, a multi-blade razor tends to cut the hair below the surface of the skin, damaging with its upper surface, so even if at first you feel like you have gotten a fantastic smooth shave, this can end with ingrown hair as they try to reach the surface again.

If you are just starting with traditional shaving and are doubtful, we will normally recommend you to keep using a good multi-blade razor so that you don’t feel that everything is new. However, we know you will benefit much more from your new shaving products if you choose to use a traditional safety razor from the start. Here is why:

  • A safety razor uses a single blade that remains sharp for a longer time. They slice through the hair effortlessly, without pulling, so you require fewer passes to achieve a closer shave so you cause less irritation.
  • A safety razor allows you to adjust the angle at which the blade meets face, thus increasing the quality of the shave on difficult areas.
  • They also allow you to choose between different degrees of blade exposure, so that you can choose a grade that right for your hair´s thickness, which is very important to avoid irritation.
  • The steel quality used in a good safety razor blade is medical grade stainless or carbon steel. These materials can be sharpened to a very finer edge than the inferior quality steel normally used in multi-blades, which means safety razors cut more smoothly.
  • Quality safety razor blades remain sharp for up to four weeks and a pack of 10 blades costs a fraction of the price of multi-blade cartridges. You will create less waste and save money by using them. There are many online articles on the specific differences between blades. Here is a simple article that explains the difference between the two we sock.
  • A good traditional safety razor will last a lifetime. Besides, you do not need to go for the most expensive one. There are many affordable, good quality options. Produced in England and Japan respectively, the Mild Traditional Safety Razor and the Feather Safety Razor are two of the best essential traditional razors in the market.


The Easy Guide to Choosing

Problems with irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn? Choose a traditional safety razor. You will see the difference immediately.

Saving money? Without a doubt, choose a traditional safety razor. If you get a good quality one and make sure to take care of it properly, you will never have to buy one again.

Conscious about reducing your waste footprint? Choose a traditional safety razor.

Want to feel cooler? Please get your self a traditional safety razor right away. There isn’t anything sexier than a man who uses a brush and a traditional razor to shave. Using a razor will also connect you to the past…

Feeling rebellious against multinationals and monopolies? Yay! You have officially become one of our favorite people. Go for a traditional razor and join the rebels!

Just starting out? If after reading about how easy it is to use a traditional safety razor you are still unsure, keep using your multiblade razor for a while. Consider changing to a traditional razor later on.

Lazy and just want to something readily available in the corner store?  Well, then multi-blade razor is your thing. By the way, we are not impressed if this is your reason for not making the change. And actually, we can´t come up with any other reason other than convenience and negligence to keep shaving with a multi-blade.

There is plenty of information online on how to choose a traditional razor and how to use it. Again, you can make it as complicated for your self as you want to, but choosing the right razor is simple and straightforward. We have put together this easy guide on what to consider when looking for one or if you are wondering which one of the ones we stock to choose from.

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