Traditional Safety Razor Blades

Which one is right for you?


Different blades have different sharpness degrees. It is the quality of the metal used, which determines how sharp they can be. Since your choice of blade has an impact on your shaving, it is important to know which one to pick. A quick search online will give you in-depth information about all sort of blades. Finding the one which suits you best is easily done by considering the structure of your facial hair and experimenting with different types.

To make it straightforward for you, we have chosen to stock only these two types:

Feather Blades | Produced in Japan, they are pretty much the sharpest blades you can get. If you’re an experienced shaver, have a coarse beard or suffer from irritation then these are usually the best blades to go with. Feathers are usually considered to be a bit much for beginners, but we think they are ideal for anyone who wants to develop a light touch with their shaving technique, right from the start. If that sounds like you, then you’ll be just fine going straight to Feather blades, just remember to use gentle strokes without applying too much pressure. Some guys may find the first shave with a Feather to be a little irritating for the skin, yet find subsequent shaves to be perfect. You’ll find your stride in no time – along with one of the smoothest shaves around.

Merkur Blades | Produced in Germany, Merkurs are widely considered to be a milder blade. They sometimes polarize the opinions of shavers – there are those who love them for their forgiving nature, smoothness and long lasting endurance, and those who prefer something sharper. Either way, they all seem to agree that Merkurs offer consistent sharpness from the first shave to the last. These blades will work well with fine hair and they are a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

From Merkur to Feather, some argue there’s quite a big leap. Making Mekur an excellent way in and when compared together, trying both will help you understand which type of blade best suits your skin, technique and favourite razor.


The Easy Guide to Choosing

Is your beard particularly coarse? Choose Feather. These blades will cut easier thru thick hair more easily.

Is your beard hair fine? Both Merkur or Feather will do the job just fine.

Do you have sensitive skin? Choose Merkur. They are less aggressive, more forgiving blades.

Are you light or heavy-handed when shaving? Try Merkur. For those of us who can be a little heavy-handed, a milder option can be the better choice.

Are you a beginner? Take both and experiment. Should you find Feather blades too sharp for you right now, simply put them aside for a while and come to back them later.

Choosing which blade suits you best is all about experimenting and using your logic. For instance, if you find that the hairs don’t seem to be getting cut uniformly, or if the blade feels like dragging instead of cleanly slicing through them, you probably need a sharper blade. If on the contrary, you find that you hurt yourself no matter how gentle you are, then you might be using a blade that is too sharp for you.

We’ve put together the Explorer Duo Pack, to let you experiment with the two blade types and decide which works best for you.

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