Island Hopping

An Easy Way To Try All The Fragrances

Fragrance is hard to describe. It must be experienced.

Until we invent the scratch-and-sniff computer screen, it will be hard to convey the magic of our fragrances. We try our best to describe them, but there is just no way we can explain how they will make you feel. And the lather, moisturising properties and uplifting fragrances of our shaving cream must be experienced.

We have come up with the perfect solution: An easy, reasonably priced product called Island Hopping Shaving Cream Set, which offers you an opportunity to try our shaving cream and at the same time do a quick tour of our Fitjar Islands fragrances. How wonderful to try them all before buying a full size, right? The set includes Fjellheim, Folgefonn, Slåtterøy and Havn.

The handy 20 ml size makes the jars excellent for travelling with only hand luggage. Just fill them up again and again with your favourite shaving cream and bring them with you.