Pre-Shave Stubble Softener

The benefits of using a pre-shave product

Pre-shave routines do make a difference. They prepare the skin and the stubble for shaving, making the shaving process smoother. They are particularly important to use if you, for instance, have very sensitive skin or very coarse hair as they will help to prevent irritation, rashes, and nickles. If you have no particular needs, you can altogether avoid using a pre-shave product. Simply make sure to you heat your face with liberal amounts of lukewarm water before you start applying the shaving lather and that will be just enough to prepare the skin for shaving. However, we recommend you to give them a try at some point. We know you will notice the difference and will never shave again without using one first.

There are different types of pre-shave products. Which one to choose depends on your skin type, the thickness of your stubble, and your personal preferences. Our Stubble Softener is a product formulated for all types of skin. Its main purpose to weaken the stubble so that the razor cuts effortlessly through it; and to open the pores, ensuring that the skin is ready for a closer shave. It contains Montmorillonite Clay, known for its high assortment of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, silica, and sodium; and for removing impurities and toxins from the skin´s surface by opening the facial pores and actively extracting the dirt. It also contains different types of natural vegetable oils that hydrate the skin while cleansing.

All clays, in general, are also known for being excellent cleansers and astringents that absorb excess oil. So our Stubble Softener is also a good option if you need to control oily skin if you have Acne problems. In these cases, it can be used and an everyday facial cleanser.

A Pre-Shave oil, on the other hand, in addition to softening the hair, it also lubricates the skin improving glide so that the razor slides easier on the skin. This helps in preventing razor burn leaving the skin less prone to irritation and ensuring an extremely close shave. Using a pre-shave oil is ideal if you have very sensitive skin. We are currently developing a neutrally scented pre-shave oil to enlarge our range of pre-shave products. Should you want to join our group of testers, send us a mail to

If you are over average interested in how to get the closest possible shave, or if you are one of those men that like to dive technically into it everything they do, a quick online search will tell you more about the benefits of using a pre-shave product and the difference between them.

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