Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap?

How to choose the one that is right for you


Our Shaving Creams and Shaving Soaps are both high performing. Even though they are two completely different products, you will have an equally superb shave and excellent protection, cushioning and lubrication with both. Which one to pick is really a matter of preference. Here are some essential considerations to have in mind when making up your mind:

Fitjar Islands Shaving Cream | Our Shaving Cream is a soft, creamy, shaving soap, perfect for quickly lathering up a dense, rich lather in no time at all. When the time factor is important, shaving cream is for you. You can even produce an adequate lather just using your fingertips when traveling (or feeling lazy). The extra virgin olive oil we use in this formula gives it extraordinary moisturising properties and an exceptional glide.

Fitjar Islands Shaving Soap | Our Shaving Soap is an exceptionally mild shaving soap with all the long-lasting properties of hard soap. It is very easy to lather up in a shaving bowl with just a few vigorous circular swipes of your brush. However, it does requires just a bit more time to create lather compared to our Shaving Cream. The combined properties of the extra virgin olive oil and the coconut oil in this formula, make for a superbly moisturising product that takes very little to lather up.


The Easy Guide to Choosing


Just beginning with traditional shaving? Choose Shaving Cream. It is the quickest product to lather up and it produces an abundant amount of lather with just a few swipes of the brush.

Sensitive skin? Allergic to this, that or the other? Choose the Shaving Cream, it has fewer ingredients. And if you are extremely sensitive or allergic, choose Holme, this the mildest formulation of them all.

Dry skin? Choose the Shaving Cream. Due to its formulation, many experience our Shaving creams to be slightly more moisturising than our shaving soaps. Although this is a very personal experience that varies from man to man.

Hard water where you live? Choose Shaving Cream. Lathering up a soap if you live in an area with hard water might be challenging.

Don’t shave too often? Choose Shaving Soap. If stored properly, a good Shaving Soap will last over 10 years and perform as good as new. Shaving Cream, on the contrary, tends to dry up within a year if it is not being used.

Do you like to rotate different fragrances according to your moods? Choose Shaving Soap. As said, a quality shaving soap will maintain its properties for a long time allowing you to use other.

Travel often and are forgetful? Unless you have bought a Travel Size Shaving cream or you remember to place your Shaving Cream in your check-in luggage, choose Shaving Soap. Our full-size Shaving Cream will get seized by airport security and that will be very sad indeed.

Feeling frugal and environmentally conscious? Choose Shaving Soap. A shaving soap lasts more than twice as long as a shaving cream and when you finish it up you do not need to dispose of the plastic tub. Simply buy a refill.

Feeling nostalgic and meditative? Shaving Soap. No doubt about it. Nothing gives a sense of tradition like a hard shaving soap.

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