Shaving Soap Refillable Jars

Our shaving soaps are delivered in a high-quality plastic jar that stays in perfect condition for several years of use, meant to be refilled again and again. Just rinse it out once you have finished up your soap and it is ready for a new puck. We made sure that the labels are the kind that you can easily peel off, in case you want to go for that minimalist look on your bathroom shelf, or if you are thinking of trying a different fragrance next time. Should you need a new label just send us a message and we will sort it out.

The jar is also recyclable. If at some point you no longer wish to keep using it, simply dispose of it in your local plastic recycling system.

Purchasing your next soap as a refill is a smart choice. You will save some money and you will be contributing to less waste. Handsome and saintly, what’s not to love.

Find our Shaving Soap Refills here.