New To Traditional Wet Shaving?

Here is some useful information to see you on your way, based on questions we have received from other men who are also new to wet shaving


First of all, you have made a smart choice. Switching from canned foam to traditional shaving soap or shaving cream will give you a top-notch shaving experience, without the chemical smell and reducing the likelihood of getting shaver’s rash and ingrown hairs. At the same time, you will save money because our products don’t get used up so fast. But you may be wondering about how to start, so we have gathered answers to some of the most common basic questions:

Do I need both shaving cream and shaving soap? You do not need both. You only need one of these; they perform the same function: the shaving soap is a hard shaving soap and the shaving cream is a soft shaving soap. For a beginner, we recommend starting with shaving cream, mainly because the soft consistency of the shaving cream will give you a more abundant lather a bit faster than the soap. If you want to know more about the differences between our Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap, read this article.

How do I turn shaving cream into shaving lather? Very easily. Simply soak the shaving brush in warm water, shake off the excess and place a small amount of shaving cream onto the brush. A teaspoon will be more than enough. Then put the brush to your face and gently lather up in circular motions directly on the area that you are going to shave, or if you prefer, use a bowl to work up the lather before applying it on your face. If you are lathering up in a bowl, don´t be afraid of doing it vigorously, the more briskly you do it the quicker you get an abundant lather. A more detailed description of the different methods is given here.

Do I need a shaving brush? Yes, you do. The only way to produce a good shaving lather is using a brush. You will never regret investing in one so don’t let this stop you. A good quality brush will last for many years. Whether you choose to get a vegan brush made of synthetic hair or a luxurious badger hair brush, is about personal taste and preference. Both will do the work just fine. If this is your first time using a traditional soap of cream don´t be afraid of going for our affordable Vegan Shaving Brush. This is an excellent quality brush, made in England, that will last forever. If you want to get the most luxurious tools from the beginning, we have written a whole article about choosing and caring for a shaving brush, you can read it here.

Do I need to buy a fancy razor too? No, you don’t. If you are happy using multi-blade cartridge razors, by all means, keep using them. However, just as you will find out that using a good shaving cream or soap truly makes a difference, soon you will also discover that using a good safety razor is much better than disposable razors. The reasons are many: smoothness of the shave, cost, environmental impact. And no, you will not cut yourself and bleed to death in the bathroom if that is what you are thinking as you read. That is yet another urban myth. A good old safety razor is as easy and safe to use as a cartridge razor. If you are curious, you can read more about the advantages of using a traditional safety razor here.

Do I need a special bowl to lather up? Again, no you don’t. Our products are straightforward, you do not need any special equipment other than a shaving brush to use them. You can use any bowl from your kitchen cupboard for lathering up your soap or you can lather directly on the face. But… wouldn’t it look much nicer to have a nice bowl to do it?

Do I need to buy a pre-shave product? You don’t, unless you have problems when shaving, such as ingrown hairs or razor burn; or unless you are over averagely interested in getting the closest possible shave. Then our pre-shave products are superb for prepping the skin before shaving. The Stubble Softener helps to weaken the stubble so that the razor cuts effortlessly through it. It is particularly useful for men with thick coarse hair. The pre-shave oil improves the glide so that the razor slides easier on the skin. This helps in preventing razor burn and other common problems. If you do not have any special needs, just make sure you heat your face with liberal amounts of lukewarm water before you start applying the shaving cream lather.

Which fragrance should I pick? Fragrance is a very personal issue, and it is hard to choose sometimes. If you are unsure which one you will prefer, you may want to buy the Island Hopping Shaving Cream Set. This set includes all the fragrances from our basic range so you can test them before deciding.

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