Like coming into safe harbour after a rough day at sea

Havn means harbour in Norwegian, and is also the name of the bay in the centre of Fitjar town. It is sheltered, and there is a cluster of old boathouses and safe places to tie your boat. There is weathered driftwood on the shore, and a sweet whiff of wild flowers along the path. No matter how rough your day was at sea, the welcoming feeling of the calm waters in the bay of Havn makes you relax, let out a sigh of pleasant well being, and look forward to jumping ashore and walk up the path to home.

Havn is dominated by the mild-mannered woody undertones of cedar, with heart notes of herbal chamomile and lavender. Together, these entities form a mild and unobtrusive scent, suitable if you like a discreet fragrance that is rustic, yet warm.

Havn is not a new fragrance. Havn was formerly known as Calmomilla, and we are very pleased with its new name, it embodies the spirit of this gentle, warm, woody fragrance so well.

You can enjoy the soothing properties of Havn as Shaving Cream, Shaving Soap (also as Refill), and Aftershave Moisturiser.