Beard Oil

What to look for in your Beard Oil

Beard Oil is a must to any decent beard grooming routine. Beard oil helps you maintain a healthy clean look by providing hydration, glance, and softness. The type of oils used in the formulation determines the qualities and properties of your product. Each beard oil formulation is unique. Even if using similar ingredients, there are no two like oils in the market. For collectors, this is very exciting. Opening the bathroom cabinet having the freedom to choose which oil to use according to mood, weather, and time of the year. But sometimes it is also important to be precise and stick to only one type, to take full advantage of the benefits each formulation provides.

When choosing the best beard oil for your needs, it is important that you look at the list of ingredients. Here are the two basic considerations that will help you make the right choice.

Heaviness. Heaviness is determined by the type of carrier oil in the formulation, which is the main type of oil. Prefer beard light-weight oil that spread easily and absorb quickly so they don’t leave the beard feeling greasy. Heavy oils tend to clog the pores, so a lightweight oil is also better for any type of skin.

Ingredients. Ingredients determine the properties of your oil.

Jojoba and Grapeseed oil are ideal if you have sensitive skin or of you are prone to acne. Argan oil based beard oils are perfect for very dry beard.

Olive oil is known to be an exceptional moisturising ingredient rich in vitamin E. Many formulations use this type of oil because is easily available and efficient. However, it has a strong particular scent that interferes with the fragrance of the product and it tends to get rancid. It is a heavy oil that does not absorb easily creating, it creates a noticeable layer on the skin and clogs the pores. We prefer to avoid formulations that list olive oil as part of their ingredients.

Coconut oil-based formulations are getting popular because they help restore the natural proteins in the hair, and have a low molecular structure that penetrates the hair easily to smoothen it and strengthen it. At first, these qualities seem ideal to tame extremely dry and frizzy hair. However, over time, coconut oil creates a protein barrier that prevents the hair from getting moisture, and in the end, this will make your har even drier than it was before. Coconut oil also has a very high melting point. Even at room temperature, coconut oil becomes hard. Oils with a high content of coconut oil will not work in cold climates. Coconut oil is also advertised for hair growth, a totally unsustained claim. We also prefer to avoid formulations that list coconut oil as part of its ingredients.

A formulation that includes Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is certainly a quality formulation. This ingredient will have amazing effects on your skin and it is often skipped because of price.

Stay away from any oil that promises to help with growth. No oil will have that property.






Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil)

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil)

Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (castor Oil)

Bisabolol (Chamomille Oil)


How to use the Fitjar Islands Beard Oil

Start with a clean beard. Beards are super sexy, but only if they are clean and properly taken care of. Make sure to wash it daily. Dry it properly. Then take some oil into your hands then work it into your beard starting at the base and spreading it towards the ends. If you have a very long beard, use a comb to help spread it evenly. We have found out that wooden combs work wonders. Make sure to also massage some product into the skin underneath the beard to hydrate it. This will keep the skin conditioned and will prevent itchiness and beard dandruff.