Aftershave Moisturiser or Cooling Gel?

How to choose the one that is right for you


No matter how mild the shaving products you use are, shaving is an abrasive process that removes the natural oils of the skin. It is important to restore that balance after shaving. Our Coordinated Scent Aftershaves will also help you get the very most out of your shave, giving you a discreet continuation of your favorite fragrance and adding to that extra feeling of wellbeing that makes you feel clean and well groomed.

Fitjar Islands Aftershave Moisturiser | A soothing, light-weight moisturising balm, with just the right amount of humectant properties to restore the natural balance of the skin after shaving. Ideal for those who look for a quickly absorbed, non-oily, deep hydrating finish. Perfect for dry skin and for the harsh winter months. We recommend them as an everyday moisturising lotion whether you shave with a razor or electric machine.

Fitjar Islands Aftershave Cooling Gel | A light astringent, refreshing and cooling oil-free and alcohol-free emulsion that freshens up the skin and soothes it, without completely drying it as regular alcohol-based aftershaves do. Perfect for humid climates and for hot summer weather.

Choose the aftershave that suits you best considering your type of skin, climate, season and the general feeling that you want to have.


The Easy Guide to Choosing

Dry skin or sensitive skin? Definitely, choose our Aftershave Moisturiser. It soothes, hydrates and nourishes; bringing back moisture to the skin. It will be quickly absorbed reaching the innermost skin layers. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you may even want to go for Holme Aftershave Moisturiser, which is the mildest of them all, as it contains no essential oil.

Oily skin? Aftershave Cooling Gel. Its gentle astringent effect Aftershave Cooling Gel will help to neutralize the excess oil without completely drying the skin. Our Cooling Gel has no alcohol, which makes it a refreshing option for men with sensitive skin.

Wintertime with cold outside air and dry, warm inside air? Go for the Aftershave Moisturiser, for all the same good reasons mentioned above.

Hot and humid summer weather? Pick the Aftershave Cooling Gel. It will give you a more refreshing effect than the Aftershave Moisturiser.

As strong fragrance as possible? Choose our Aftershave Cooling Gel. it will give a stronger rendition of the fragrance than our Aftershave Moisturiser.

As many men enjoy the invigorating feeling of a traditional alcohol-based Aftershave Cologne, we are currently developing this range. Send us a mail to if you want to be informed about their release.

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