Traditional Shaving Is Good For Your Mental Health

A ludicrous claim. Or is it?


Switching to a traditional razor makes you a better person. I was listening to a wet shaver say:

“You just can’t be in a rush when you are shaving with a traditional razor”

He said this in passing, as he was finishing his shave, offering his opinion on the traditional razor he was given to try. He explained about the feel of the shave (great) and the quality of the razor (top notch), and how he did not cut himself while shaving (this is the most common reason people give as to why they are afraid of switching from a multiblade razor to a traditional one).

And I thought to myself: This is the reason. This is why everyone should switch to a traditional razor. Because his remark about time is not about time, not really. As I watched him shave (and yes, watching a man shave is a great spectator sport), he did not spend any longer on the shave than he ordinarily does.

He was just more present in the moment when he was doing it.

And that is what ”not being in a rush” is all about. Being present while you are performing the task, while letting the blade glide gently over your skin, without applying unnecessary pressure. If you are are planning what you are going to do next, worrying about not getting somewhere on time, thinking about something that has happened, focusing on all those thoughts rushing through your head, that is being in a rush.

Shaving with a multi-blade razor allows you to scrape the razor hard and fast over your skin, rushing to get it over and done with, so you can tend to one of the top four issues that raced through your mind as you were shaving.

Shaving with a traditional razor inspires you to focus on the moment, being fully present. There is warm water. There is calm breathing. There is nothing in the world except you, the razor and your shaving cream or shaving soap. It is a moment of mindfulness. And as such, it is almost as valuable as meditation. And mindfulness will improve your mental health.

So you should at least own a traditional razor. Then every time you prepare to shave, look at your traditional razor and your multiblade razor, and ask yourself:

“Is today a day for mindless rushing, or is it a day for mindful presence?”

You may surprise yourself with how often you choose the latter. You will also be surprised by the fact that you do not spend longer time on your shave using a traditional razor. It is just time better spent.