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Fitjar Islands Lathering Bowl x Rita Lysebo Egren | Graphite

NEW COMING SOON | Fitjar Islands Lathering Bowl x Rita Lysebo Egren | Graphite

Handcrafted Luxury

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Product Description

A contemporary porcelain Lathering Bowl that helps you build up a rich lather before applying it to your face.

The textured linear pattern takes inspiration from the Fitjar Islands seal. It ensures a good grip even when your hands are wet. The ridges also help to build up a frothy lather by increasing the friction between the brush and the soap. This palm-sized bowl is a delicate piece that does not take a lot of space. A refined Nordic addition for any collector and a perfect starting piece for beginners.

As opposed to building up lather directly in the soap container or on your face, a Lathering Bowl allows you to work the soap vigorously and for a long time, which helps you create a super-rich frothy lather before applying it on the skin. To use it, simply load your brush with soap and cream, or place some product at the bottom of the bowl, and work up the lather in the bowl in circular motions until you get the desired amount and texture.

Ceramic bowls are our preferred material at Fitjar Islands because they are easy to clean and retain no odor, ensuring that you have fresh lather every time. After use, turn it around and place the brush on top for it to drip and dry. This is a clutter-free and functional design piece. If you wish to keep your shaving soap in a matching bowl, take a look at our Shaving Soap Bowl.

Fitjar Islands works in collaboration with Norwegian designers when creating our accessory collections. This new series of shaving accessories is designed and developed by Sandefjord based ceramist Rita Lysebo Egren, whose unique minimalist functional style represents the essence of Scandinavian design.

Rita makes each of the Lathering Bowls by hand at her atelier in the south of Norway. All variations in size, shape, and color are the result of the artisan process.

Height 4cm / Diameter 10cm / Grpahite Color / Matt Finish

Handcrafted in porcelain.


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To have a pleasantly warm lather on your skin, simply pre-soak the Lathering Bowl in hot water for a minute or two. You can do this while prepping your face. Drain the bowl before starting to work up your lather.

On busy days, lather up the soap directly on your skin. This will exfoliate the skin and give you a unique sense of well-being.

Our lathering bowls are fine Scandinavian design items. Don’t hide them in a drawer between uses, let them stand on display for everyone to admire. They have many uses. You can for instance use them to hold jewelry while washing your hands or to prepare your own hand natural salt scrubs in them.

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