About Us

The place – the name – the inspiration

The name Fitjar Islands is based on the fact that our foundry is in Fitjar, on the west coast of Norway, on the threshold of the surrounding islands.

Fitjar Islands is the place that we call home. This is where our heart lives and this is the most refreshing, uplifting place we can imagine. The islands – both the ones inhabited by islanders that enjoy the real western Norwegian lifestyle, and the uninhabited islands that invite us to explore and experience the smells, the light and the cool air that is unique to this part of Norway.

For us, there is no better place to find inspiration for fragrances that embody Norwegian simplicity and freshness. Our goal is to infuse the products with the essence of these islands, so you will feel at home here too.

A personal note from Jorunn:

Scent is the reason why I get up in the morning. First, the smell of coffee. Then, opening the door, walking out, coffee cup in hand, stepping up on the rocks next to our house, feeling the hard rock under my bare feet (season permitting, otherwise in woollies and wellies) and the bog myrtle bushes brushing my legs, breathing. Breathing, listening to the waves, sniffing the air. Is the mountain ash blooming yet? Or is the salty air mingled with last year’s dry straws still? Is there a storm approaching?

Any change in the weather, a change in the seasons brings new fragrance inspiration: The salty sea blended with the trusty evergreens – tempered in spring by the sweet blossoming mountain ash, or wild honeysuckle in summer, heather in autumn, or by the icy, almost metallic smell of a hailstorm approaching in winter. Inspiration is never far away, and I am always in the process of experimenting with unique combinations of contemporary fragrances, or bespoke scents for select customers.

This is what I love. Creating scents, translating moods into scents, forging pictures for the mind, through the olfactory sense. So this is why I am jokingly referring to myself as the “Fragrancesmith”.

The fragrances we use at Fitjar Islands are closely connected to and always inspired by the surrounding area, and have names from islands and places around Fitjar.

The fragrances

We have four different fragrance islands in our landscape at the moment: Fjellheim, Folgefonn, Slåtterøy and Havn. We have also created a name for our neutrally scented products, Holme.

The products

Products with the delightful ruggedness and laid-back sophistication of the Scandinavian way of living. With our products, you can carry a little bit of our Fitjar Islands with you wherever you go and enjoy the same refreshing and grounding effect that we have here every day. Fitjar Islands products are available in our foundry in Fitjar and in our online store.