Fitjar Islands

Soapmakers & Fine Fragrance-smiths

The place – the name – the inspiration

Nestled among a cluster of several hundred windswept islands, amid the startlingly clear waters of the fjords of western Norway, lies the Fitjar Islands Foundry; an artisan soap maker and fragrance design company that bustles with the kind of activity one would never expect to find in such a remote location.

The islands, carved by the passage of time and the harsh Nordic climate, are mostly uninhabited and isolated; only reachable by boat. Their vegetation is untamed, scarce and wildly poetic. Each island´s terrain is defined by its own special history, and every slight change in the weather and season gives it an entirely unique complexion.

Fitjar Islands is the place that we call home. It is where our heart lives and our soul breathes. It is impossible not to be seized by the wilderness of nature around here. The biting cold wind infuses the ever-changing landscape with a different scent dimension every moment. On a still winter morning, the breeze brings with it the coolness of the nearby glacier, flecked with undertones of the fresh spruce and juniper bushes that roam the islands. In the spring, the lilac-blooming heather adds its own sweet gentle notes.

There is simply no better place to gather inspiration for fragrances that embody the simplicity, ruggedness and pure essence of Scandinavian life, than the Fitjar islands.

Our products, crafted with exceptional attention to ingredients and performance, feature a distinctive range of contemporary fragrances, so you can take the essence of the outstanding Fitjar Islands with you wherever you go.

The Fitjar Islands artisan soaps and grooming products are available directly from our foundry in Fitjar and from selected retailers and hotels within Europe and Scandinavia.


The products

Born of the Norwegian island heritage of its founder Jorunn Hernes, Fitjar Islands´s production embraces the importance of process in small batch manufacturing. Each product is meticulously hand-crafted, using the best quality ingredients and always maintaining the highest levels of safety and product performance, whilst wholeheartedly celebrating the beauty and humour of life’s little imperfections.

Our products contain no parabens, no mineral oils or harsh ingredients. The majority of our range is vegan-friendly and absolutely nothing is tested on animals.


A personal note from Jorunn, our founder

Scent is the reason why I get up in the morning. First, the smell of coffee. Then, opening the door, walking out, coffee cup in hand, stepping up on the rocks next to our house, feeling the hard rock under my bare feet (season permitting, otherwise in woollies and wellies) and the bog myrtle bushes brushing my legs, breathing. Breathing, listening to the waves, sniffing the air. Is the mountain ash blooming yet? Or is the salty air mingled with last year’s dry straws still? Is there a storm approaching?

Any change in the weather, a change in the seasons brings new fragrance inspiration: The salty sea blended with the trusty evergreens – tempered in spring by the sweet blossoming mountain ash, or wild honeysuckle in summer, heather in autumn, or by the icy, almost metallic smell of a hailstorm approaching in winter. Inspiration is never far away, and I am always in the process of experimenting with unique combinations of contemporary fragrances, or bespoke scents for select customers.

This is what I love; creating scents, translating moods into scents, forging pictures for the mind through the olfactory sense. And this is why I am jokingly referring to myself as the “Fragrance-smith”.